Classic Car Testimonial Q & A

August 16, 2018

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Classic Car Testimonial Q & A

Rowley’s Auction Service was honored to liquidate the lifelong collection of Rob and Shari Burda which included a 1960 Corvette, Ford Roadster, 2003 50th Anniversary Corvette, large Petroleum and advertising collection, ATV’s, tools and much more!

As a long time buyer and seller, Rob was more than willing to chat about his recent experience with our auction team.


Q. Why did you choose Rowley’s Auction Service to sell your car collection? 

A. I know you guys have a big following, and not to mention your outstanding reputation. I’ve also been a longtime buyer as well.


Q. Why do you think Rowley’s Auction Service is the best specifically for cars? In terms of other competitors in Michigan.

A. Rowley’s is the only company in this area that actually handle cars. They conduct large car auctions a few times a year and have been selling cars for 15 years. There’s no other auction company that has that experience and expertise.


Q. How easy was the auction process?

A. It was honestly quite easy and pretty much trouble free for me. I felt kind of guilty actually, like I didn’t help enough.


Q. What would you tell other people about Rowley’s who are thinking about selling their cars the auction way?

A. I would recommend Rowley’s over any other auction company in Michigan. It’s always been easy working with Rowley’s, in all the years I’ve worked with your team. If any of my family or friends are ever in need of an auctioneer, I always point them to Rowley’s Auction Service.


Q. Only a scale of 1-10 how satisfied were you on your recent car collection auction?

A. I would have to say a 12! I ended up with more money than I expected. I had a number in my head and it was beat by $35,000. What more could I ask for?


Q. Would you have another auction in the future?

A. As good as that auction went, I keep trying to come up with more stuff. I don’t think I could have done it myself and made more money. Even after all the fees were paid, it was a great deal.


Q. You talked about getting $35,000 more than you expected. What do you think this was due to?

A. Honestly it was probably the fact that we started adverting and promoting it earlier enough. The auction was in June and we started advertising in April. Rowley’s does a great job promoting and getting the word out in a timely manner. It was all planned very well.


Q. How long after the auction did it take for everything to be cleaned up?

A. The day after the auction everything was cleaned-up except for a mower and a van. Pretty much that same evening everything at the auction had been picked-up and sold.


Highlight Items (prices realized): 

  • 1960 Corvette – $60,000
  • 1962 Corvette – $31,000
  • 1932 Ford Roadster – $11,000
  • 2003 50th Anniversary Corvette – $22,500
  • 2012 New Holland Boomer 50 Diesel Tractor – $20,000


Thinking about selling your car collection with Rowley’s Auction Service and ready to sell? Contact us today at 810-724-4035 or

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