Two Reasons to Sell Your Coins at Online Auction

Selling your coins and currencies online at Rowley’s Auction Service makes sense. Why?

Here are two simple reasons to sell your coins online at auction:

  1. With an online auction, bidding is competitive. What does that mean? Higher prices for your coins and currency.
  2. Rowley’s has over 6,000 potential buyers throughout the United States.

Now are you convinced? Rowley’s Auction Service has a regular monthly online coin auction and has been conducting them for the past 4 years. To date we have sold over 35,000 lots of coins & currency.

Due to our great selection of coins we have collected several buyers throughout the United States, as well as locally. While the precious metal market does go up and down from time to time, the current coin and currency market is stronger than ever.

We offer 400-700 lots of coins and currency every month, selling a large variety. Anything from gold, key date, rare and every dimension of collector coins and currency you can think of. What we love the most about the auction business is you never know what’s going to be offered and sold each auction.

If you’re looking to buy or sell coins & currency, Rowley’s monthly online coins & currency auction is the way to go. Online coin auction bidding ends on the second Wednesday of every month. 




Recent coin & currency prices realized: 

1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar PCGS F12 – $3,355.00
1857-S $20 Gold – $3,050.00
1914-S Barber Silver Quarters – $1,200.00
1937-D Rare 3-1/2 Legged Variety Buffalo Nickel ICG AU50 – $1,100.00
1917 Type 2 Standing Liberty Quarter – $1,150.00
1909-S VDB Lincoln Wheat Cent PCGS AU55 – $950.00

Rowley’s Auction Service looks forward to doing business with you. Ready to sell? Call Greg at (810) 417-2065 or email him at