4 Auction Benefits for the Seller


For those that are new to the auction world, there are a lot of great benefits for the seller. Life always has a way of creating challenges and change. Auctions are great for situations like moving, retirement, divorce, downsizing, business closure, estate liquidation and much more.


Fast: quick turnaround

Did you know? In 30 days or less you can have all of your personal property sold, just like that. With garage and estate sales, it can sometimes take months or even years to liquidate everything. If you’re in a time crunch, which is often the case, you won’t have the time for these alternatives. At the end of an auction, all the personal property is gone in a timely manner.


No leftovers 

Nobody likes leftovers. Especially if you’re in a time crunch. With an auction, this won’t be a problem. Everything is sold to the highest bidder. If we can’t get a bid there are two options. Option one is grouping unfavorable items with favorable items so that we can get a bid. Option two is to pass on the item or group and we take care of the leftovers at the end of the day. Auctions work great for complete liquidation of your personal items.


Buyers come prepared 

Auctions are advertised and promoted weeks in advance. The buyer comes prepared and ready to purchase the items. If it’s a large piece of equipment the buyer will bring whatever is necessary to get it off the auction site. Even if there are smaller items like collectibles, the buyer knows to bring along boxes and packing material. There is no need to worry about supplying the buyer with the proper materials to move the items from the premise.


The seller is able to plan

 No need to worry about when your merchandise is going to be auctioned off. Whether you have a big or small amount of merchandise, you’re able to know an exact date and time when all of your merchandise will be liquidated. This way you can plan and organize your life.


Rowley’s Auction Service focuses on these benefits for every seller that does business with us. The next time you find yourself in one of life’s situations, consider Rowley’s Auction Service.

Don’t think you have enough for an auction? Think again. With our online auctions, we can accommodate any small amount of personal property. Looking to completely liquidate all of your personal assets, including a home or property? We also have real estate covered with the help of licensed relator, Brandon Rowley of Reality Executives.

Rowley’s Auction Service looks forward to doing business with you. Give us a call at (810) 724-4035 or email us at info@rowleyauctions.com